Did You Know

Every individual is unique and so are their choices. What is simply amazing for someone, may be fair to the other and a strict no-no to yet another. With such differences in thoughts, tastes, likes and preferences, no individual can be the same. Color combinations chosen for homes, is an ideal example of how different people are. Homes are spaces that are very personal to individuals and each has a way with their spaces. But wait ,there is more to colors than just decorating walls! Most of us may not be aware, but the choice of colors you make for your home spaces, speak volumes about your personality. They also create specific ambiances and moods that are felt in a very prominent way. Discussed hereunder are a few specific colors that make strong statements about your spaces.

Tips :

Bright Colors: Reds, Maroons, Pinks, Lavender

Psychology: Wild at times, but mostly lively, seeking new experiences always. Monotony is a strict no-no and taking the plunge and living on the edge are the underlying thoughts. While many steer away from bright shades, those who do use them convey personalities that are high on strength, vitality, health, passion, love and creativity.

Earthy Colors: Browns, Black

Psychology: As very strong personality, this individual believes in himself/ herself, having the capacity to change the world. They are extremely authoritative and have an air of superiority about them. They also convey traits like enigma and wit with an uncompromising nature, therefore making them both mysterious and factual at the same time.

Nudes Colors: White, Cream, Beige, Grey

Psychology: Genuine and calm, advocate of simplicity, comfort and harmony with an optimistic view to things. Grounded with a practical view of life and situations, they are more than comfortable being in their own skin.

Warm Colors: Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue

Psychology: High on energy, socialization, entertainment, this color exudes sensibility and philosophy with a very strong emotion of conservation. People who use these colors are sensitive and natural in their approach. These colors also create a spiritual environment and help people connect with their inner self.