Did You Know

Colors play a very significant role in our lives bringing in physical, emotional, materialistic, intuitive and intellectual appeal. Colors influence our behavior, lifestyles and moods in a big way. What the wise and learned, earlier discovered about various aspects like colors, directions, objects, etc., was termed Vaastu, which has now been reclaimed, so as to be imbibed into lives and surroundings.

Following key points:

	North-east 			– Light blue.
	East				– White or light blue.
	South-east 			– As this direction is associated with fire, orange, pink and silver colours can be used to enhance the energy.
	North 				– Green, pista green.
	North-west 			– This area is related to air. So, white, light grey and cream are the best colours.
	West 				– It is the place of ‘Varun’ (i.e., water). So, the best colours are blue or white.
	South-west 			– Peach, mud colour, biscuit colour or light brown.
	South 				– Red and yellow.

Color selection based on vastu :

1. Master bedroom :

Ideally, the master bedroom should be in a south-west direction and hence, should be painted with blue colour.

2. Guest room/ drawing room :

North-west is the best place for the guest room/ drawing room and hence, a guest room in this direction should be painted with white colour.

3. Kitchen: :

The south-east zone is ideal for kitchens and hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with orange or red colour.

4. Home exterior colour: :

The exterior colour of the house, should be based on its owners. Colours, such as yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange, can suit to people of all Rashis.